How can we be of service?

Connectr is a group of people working in different fields who decided to team up. By doing so, we can offer you a wide range of services, and maintain a high level of quality with a personal, local connection.



Lawn mowing

Snow removal

House cleaning

Spring cleanup

Household repairs

Appliance repairs

Packing & moving

Computer help

Who we are

Connectr is a small group of people working in different fields who decided to team up to promote ourselves. We’re a diverse group that is slowly growing, and each of us is equally passionate about what we do.

We’ve joined forces to better serve our customers’ various needs and reach out to new people. We believe we offer great value and there is a need for our services.

Because we trust each other, we know you can trust us.

What our clients say about Connectr

We work hard to earn positive feedback for each project we undertake.
We’re proud to share these comments with you.

René handled my move to the Laurentians in accordance with my instructions and at a fraction of the price charged by others. I was delighted and would be pleased to use their services again. — Pauline

Economic, efficient, adaptable

  • 100 percent

    We’ll follow up with you for every job, to make sure you are 100 percent satisfied.

  • Flexible

    We’re flexible and we always aim for efficiency to save your money and time.

  • The right fit

    We’ll take on any challenge, small or large. We do this by matching good clients with the right workers.

  • Economic

    We only take a small fee to cover our costs.

  • Local connections

    We have members all over the greater Montreal area.

Let’s get started!


Tell us about your project. First, answer a few quick questions about what type of work you need done.


Within 24 hours, you’ll receive one free custom quote based on your specific needs. We’ll determine who is available and best suited for the job requirements.


You’ll hire the right professional, sign an agreement with them, and pay that person directly. A percentage of the fee goes to Connectr. Otherwise, we keep our costs low to save you money and allow workers to make a good wage.

You can also reach our coordinator by telephone:
(514) 581-1338

Give us an idea of your project requirements

Describe what you need done.
Do you have the materials for the project?
What is your timeline for the work ?
Please provide your contact info. If you list a phone number, let us know a convenient time to reach you.
If possible, please attach photos re: the job, as appropriate.

Want to join us?

We know how challenging it can be starting out as a freelancer. We’ve all been there, and we know the struggle of finding clients.

From marketing yourself, to estimating the cost of a job and what a job will entail, it is no easy task. We’ve pooled our resources, experiences, and knowledge, and we’re happy to share all of this with enthusiastic people who are looking to grow their business.

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